G-Dragon Responds To Yano Shiho’s Love Call “Sarang, I Like You Too”

G-Dragon Responds To Yano Shiho's Love Call "Sarang
G-Dragon Responds To Yano Shiho's Love Call "Sarang

Singer G-Dragon showed his affection for the MMA player Choo Sung Hoon’s daughter Choo Sarang.

On November 28, G-Dragon posted on his Instagram, “Sarang, I like you too.

Sorry, Haru.

I like Haru too” along with the screenshot of Yano Shiho’s interview.

Sarang’s mom, the Japanese model Yano Shiho , was interviewed on KBS 2TV ” Entertainment Relay ” recently and had chosen G-Dragon as someone she wants to film a commercial with, saying, “Sarang likes G-Dragon the most.” G-Dragon had also mentioned Haru as Haru, Tablo’s daughter, is also a huge fan of him.

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