G-Dragon-Haha, Self-Camera From Filming For ‘Infinite Challenge’


G-Dragon and Haha revealed a picture taken together.

Today, Haha posted on his Twitter, “G-Dragon wanted to take a picture so badly” along with a picture.

G-Dragon also posted, “Well then, me too” along with a picture of Haha and Jang Gi Ha that visited the YG building.

In MBC ” Infinite Challenge ” that aired today, Haha and Jang Gi Ha visited the YG building during lunch time.

G-Dragon, who was in Jung Hyung Don’s team, told them to leave asking, “Why are you eating lunch here?” but Haha stayed to finish his lunch, arousing laughter.

Internet users who saw this commented, “They look close,” “There are so many staff members,” etc.

Photo Credit: Haha, G-Dragon Twitter

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