G-Dragon Finally Said that the Rumorsaren’t True as of Right Now in “Radio Star”

G-Dragon Finally Said that the Rumorsaren't True as of Right Now in "Radio Star"

G-Dragon Finally Said that the Rumorsaren't True as of Right Now in

G-Dragon finally speaks about the rumors of him dating and some breakup in the past. When he was asked by the MC on “Radio Star”, he stated, “the rumors aren’t true as of right now”, according to report from soompi . It means that netizens and fans are just creating the rumors without having the strong evidence. Furthermore, G-Dragon has said that the rumors aren’t true.
When he was asked about his breakup rumors, he said that if he admitted it, then he would also admitted the dating rumors. Thus, he didn’t take the bait from the MC. Then the MC said that his dating and breakup rumors were surrounding him all this year. And he said that it might continue. Everyone recognizes G-Dragon everywhere he goes. People also take picture of him a lot when he is in a crowd. When he is seen with a woman then people will speculate that he is dating while in fact it might not be true. G-Dragon gave explanation that he is a kind of person who do not really take concern about people noticing him in a crowd so his pictures were taken a lot, according to allkpop . He said that the most important thing in the relationship is the feeling towards each other. He added on “Radio Star that if he is dating, then the woman will have much inconvenient because he is a celebrity and he has to be careful when giving the statement. He wants the woman to be comfortable and not be seen as celebrity’s girlfriend. Seeing his personality to be so sweet, it is not a surprise to hear those statements. So, just do not get into conclusion and just wait for his love story next time. People might state another rumor again but let’s just wait for his real explanation to go public later when he has a girlfriend.


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