f(x)’s Luna Takes Role In Upcoming Children’s Movie

f(x)'s Luna Takes Role In Upcoming Children's Movie
f(x)'s Luna Takes Role In Upcoming Children's Movie

  f(x)  member Luna  has been cast as the leading lady in the children’s movie The Lightning Man’s Secret , reports Allkpop .

“Luna has been cast as the lead female character in The Lightning Man’s Secret  and is currently filming,” a representative from Luna’s agency, SM Entertainment, reportedly said to news organization OSEN over the weekend.

The Lightning Man’s Secret  is scheduled for release in the latter half of 2015.

While the plot for the movie is still under wraps, the movie has been reported to similar to a musical, according to Daily KPop News .

The casting confirmation should add to the small but growing number of acting credits under Luna’s name.

Luna had acted in several musicals in the past, but she had not been cast yet in a movie.

In March she began branching out to drama acting by landing the female lead role in the web drama   Jumping Girl  with Block B members U-Kwon and B-bomb as co-stars.

Aside from acting, Luna has recently gained attention for her great singing ability which was displayed on the MBC show Mask King .

On May 10, she was unveiled to be the singer known as Golden Lacquer  because of the golden ornate mask she wore while singing with a hidden identity on the show.

She had lost a round and was made to reveal identity, gaining her praise for her past performances as Golden Lacquer and overnight popularity on Twitter.

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