f(x)’s Luna Possibly Teases ‘4 Walls’ Concept?

f(x)'s Luna Possibly Teases '4 Walls' Concept?

f(x)'s Luna Possibly Teases '4 Walls' Concept?

f(x) ‘s Luna revealed a picture taken with her members.

“f(x) 4walls,” posted Luna on her Instagram on Wednesday along with a picture.
In the picture, the members of f(x) are dressed in school uniforms while sitting in a classroom together. Luna is wearing a gray jacket on top and behind her are the rest of the group, all making different poses.
f(x) had released the first spoiler for their new album 4 Walls  on this day, so many fans are assuming that this picture was taken while they were filming for their new album.
4 Walls  will be released on October 27.

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