f(x)’s Amber Drops By ‘Eat Your Kimchi’ Before Solo Debut [VIDEO]

f(x)'s Amber Drops By 'Eat Your Kimchi' Before Solo Debut [VIDEO]
f(x)'s Amber Drops By 'Eat Your Kimchi' Before Solo Debut [VIDEO]

If f(x) fans are missing seeing their girls as of late, Amber Liu has just the remedy.

Recently, SM Entertainment announced that the f(x) rapper will be gracing fans with a solo debut early next year.

But in the meantime, the 22-year-old has also been making appearances on the popular YouTube channel, Eat Your Kimchi.

“Amber was in Japan and saw something she wanted us to do a ‘WTF’ video on,” said the description for the channel’s November 29 video.

“Check it out for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!” In addition, Amber was also featured as a presenter for the channel’s annual EYK Awards nominee videos, including Best K-pop Video of 2014  and Best Female Group in K-pop .

“I have a giant girl crush  on Amber,” commented Anna Polyakova on YouTube.

“She just seems like the sort of person that just gets along with everyone thanks to her awesome personality.

It makes sense that she has so many friends with other K-pop groups.” According to Spots DongA, Amber will be the first f(x) member to make a solo debut, and has begun working on an album set to release early next year.

“It is true that we are discussing plans for Amber’s solo album,” said a rep from SM Entertainment according to allkpop.

“However, no date has been set yet.” After promoting their latest album over the summer, f(x)’s leader Victoria revealed that Amber was the reason the group cannot do sexy concepts.

“To be honest, we want to expose ourselves through a sexy concept,” continued the f(x) leader.

“However, even though we want it, we can’t because of Amber.” “If I expose myself, everyone will fall for me, so it’s too dangerous,” joked Amber.

Check out Amber on Eat Your Kimchi below:

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