f(x) To Comeback With 4th Album “4 Walls” On October 27th

f(x) To Comeback With 4th Album "4 Walls" On October 27th

f(x) To Comeback With 4th Album

f(x) to comeback with fourth album “4 Walls” on October 27th!
On October 21st, SM released a series of teaser images in which three of them show the location and time of f(x)’s exhibition for the album while the fourth image reveals a large “4” made of blocks, with the first letter of each of the member’s names at each corner.

The special exhibition, called ‘4 Walls’, will be held every day from October 21-26 from 8-12 PM and is said to be a “unique, innovative promotion.”
The album will be released at midnight on October 27th through various music sites. All of f(x)’s albums have had an experimental, distinctive concept that differentiates them from other pop groups and shows each members’ unique colors, and “4 Walls” will continue that trend. 

f(x)’s last album, “Red Light,” was released nearly a year and three months ago. This comeback will also mark f(x)’s first release as only 4 members. 

Meanwhile, all f(x) members have been busy with solo activities. Amber released her own solo album and music video, and appeared on various variety shows. Victoria and Krystal have been acting in China, and Luna has been showing her singing talents in musicals and on the show “King of Masked Singer”.

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