f(x) Reveal ‘Aesthetically Pleasing’ Music Video Teaser For ‘4 Walls’

f(x) Reveal 'Aesthetically Pleasing' Music Video Teaser For '4 Walls'

f(x) Reveal 'Aesthetically Pleasing' Music Video Teaser For '4 Walls'

In what seems to be an endless sea of four member girl groups, the ability to stand out in terms of concept and execution is always strived for.
Luckily for the now four-member group f(x), the girls have always thrived with their original aesthetics.

f(x)’s long awaited comeback is now days away and the girl group has now revealed a teaser video for their new album title track, “4 Walls.” The teaser, which features what some fans are calling f(x)’s signature style of “pleasing aesthetics, is available to view below. f(x) will release their new album on Oct. 27.

“I love this. f(x) never fails to deliver good aesthetics and there’s nothing more that I love than pleasing aesthetics,” said Nikki Ng on YouTube .
It would appear than many fans agree on the “pleasing aesthetics” compliment, as the comment from Ng is the highest ranked comment so far on their “4 Walls” music video teaser. The aesthetic in question, features the four members of f(x) passing between forest trees and seemingly passing quickly back out of them, almost like they disappear and reappear each time.
The number four in their title feels purposeful considering the recent exit of member Sulli. According to Soompi , SM Entertainment announced in August that Sulli would leave f(x) in order to focus on her acting career. The remaining members of the group are Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal.
Despite the departure, friendships among the group members remain strong. Sulli recently updated her personal Instagram with a photo of the group’s album cover with the caption “I support f(x) too hahaha…”
After the release of the music video and full length album “4 Walls” on Oct. 27, f(x) will begin promotions for the song with an appearance on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on Oct. 29. Afterward, f(x) will make appearances on “Music Bank” and “Music Core.”

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