f(x) Members Appear In Latest Baskin Robbins Commercial Sans Sulli

f(x) Members Appear In Latest Baskin Robbins Commercial Sans Sulli
f(x) Members Appear In Latest Baskin Robbins Commercial Sans Sulli

With South Korea entering its hot summer season, f(x)  shot a refreshing commercial for the ice cream brand Baskin Robbins Korea.

Only four of five members were in the commercial with member Sulli noticeably missing, likely because it was shot when Sulli  was still on her hiatus.

The commercial shows the f(x) foursome having a carefree summer party in a backyard while eating various flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

For the commercial, f(x) sang a special track titled “Ice Cream Bingsoo,” reports Koreaboo .

The commercial looked like a lot of fun and received positive comments from fans.

“Can’t help but fall in love with f(x).

I want that ice cream haha yummy,” “I’m just smiling like a stupid in front of my computer, is that normal?” “This is so refreshing,” said commenters when the commercial was uploaded on YouTube on May 17.

Some fans wondered why Sulli was not included in the commercial, to which a fan replied, “She is still in the group, dont worry, because when f(x) received this CF, Sulli was on a hiatus so they did it with 4 members.” Sulli went into hiatus last year amid dating rumors with Choiza and harsh criticism from fans, which led f(x) to continue promoting their last comeback song “Red Light” with only four members.

Recently, there was hope from fans that Sulli might be slowly easing out of her hiatus.

 Sulli was spotted on the pages of High Cut magazine  where she modeled for a photo shoot with Korea’s Next Top Model  male model Lee Chul Woo with a summer couple concept.

Sulli and her partner wore floral prints and Birkenstock sandals while holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.

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