Friends Reunion 2014: Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Reunite for Jimmy Kimmel Live Celebrity Curse-Off; Lisa Kudrow Joins TV Icons for Edge Magazine Q&A [VIDEO]

Friends Reunion 2014: Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston didn’t sound like the best of friends last night when they reunited on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Comic actress Lisa Kudrow also joined four TV icons in a Q&A for Edge Magazine.

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow went to the edge when they tried to out-curse each other.

In a game show sketch last night Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow dueled with words as their weapons on Kimmel’s “Celebrity Curse-Off” game show sketch.

Jimmy Kimmel opened the sketch by warning the audience “If you’re faint of heart, I’d like to ask you to cover your ears.”

This isn’t the first time the former Friends castmates got together for Kimmel.

This past summer Kimmel brought Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffa together with but Monica Geller when Courteney Cox joined her friends to act out a scene from Kimmel’s Friends fan fiction.

Lisa Kudrow recently appeared with other TV icons for the Funny You Should Ask! Q&A in Edge Magazime’s Nov/Dec “Generation Z” issue.

The magazine is published by Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

In the latest issue of Edge, Lisa Kudrow is profiled alongside Charlie’s Angels’ Jaclyn Smith, reality TV star Kristen Taekman and Boardwalk Empire producer Terence Winter.

“We always try to sit down with at least one nationally recognized celebrity, and sometimes two, but four is just unprecedented.

The trick is not just ‘getting’ them, but getting them to talk.

Our ability to do so-and to devote the pages necessary to fleshing out a real conversation-has made us unique in the world of regional magazines.

For all practical purposes, EDGE is a national media brand,” says EDGE publisher Doug Harris.

Lisa Kudrow talked about the two shows she currently stars in, The Comeback on HBO and Web Therapy on Showtime.

The former Friends star also opened up about her road to fame as a comic actress.

She talks about the roles she won, and the parts she didn’t get.


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