Friends Reunion 2014: Courteney Cox Pitching Friends Reunion Script AND Throwing Huge Thanksgiving Feast, Could This Be The Year?

Friends Reunion 2014: There has always been speculation that the Friends reunion would happen on Thanksgiving.

If this is the year, Courteney Cox might be able to squeeze them in.

Every year Cox does Thanksgiving big.

This year, The 50-year-old actress and her fiancé Johnny McDaid are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people. According to People magazine, Courtney Cox said “I have, like, 30 people coming for Thanksgiving.

That’s a lot,” while celebrating Cougar Town’s 100th episode.

Life & Style magazine reported that Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are sketching out a new TV show about middle-aged women and their  families.

The “Friends” actresses reunited when Jennifer Aniston guested on Kimmel’s show to promote her new film “Life of Crime.” Kimmel told Aniston “I loved the  show so much I actually wrote some fan fiction.

I wrote myself into it as Ross.

I was wondering if you would do a scene from it with me?”The “Cougar Town” actress had so much fun with her former ‘Friends’ co-stars on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show last month that she “wants to direct a pilot s tarring herself, Jen and Lisa as middle-aged women who have kids by artificial means,” according to Heat Magazine source.

“She started talks after their  appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

They had another dinner together in LA on Sept.

23 to discuss details and it went really well.

While her character on friends, Monica Geller, was a fanatic about preparing the perfect feast, Courteney Cox will only have canned food on the menu.

Jennifer Aniston admitted “It’s all canned.

It tastes great.”Courteney is pitching a sitcom for herself and her fellow Friends actors Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston.

Courteney Cox is in the middle of planning her wedding to McDaid.Courteney Cox, who has daughter Coco, 10, with ex-husband David Arquette, will open her Los Angeles home to 30 people for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.  There are no reports on whether David, his fiancé Christina McLarty and their seven-month-old son, Charlie, will be coming to dinner. Courteney explained “I grew up in Alabama.

where my grandmother on Sundays – I have 21 first cousins – got the entire family together at 5:30.

So I’m just used to having big groups gathering.””No one has family out here, so it’s trying to create some sort of community that I have people over.

I say that people are always welcome to come on Sundays,” she added The final episode of “Cougar Town” will be televised on Jan 6.

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