French Fans Go Crazy Over EXO’s Sehun At Paris Fashion Week

French Fans Go Crazy Over EXO's Sehun At Paris Fashion Week

French Fans Go Crazy Over EXO's Sehun At Paris Fashion Week

EXO’s Sehun was recently featured in French news channels but not because of his music. The fashion forward maknae of K-pop idol group EXO made it to the broadcast because of a video of French fans fangirling over the Korean pop star. According to a report by  Koreaboo , a video surfaced online of the overwhelming support that Sehun got from French fans who were specifically waiting to take a picture of him as he attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. While the video showed the fans trying to scramble to get a good angle of amid the crowd, the afternoon crowd was excited but orderly.
When Sehun exited the venue in the evening, however, was a different story as a bigger group of fans tried to get closer to Sehun who was flanked by security. While it was a tight squeeze, French fans were still pretty tame and he managed to get out of the venue unscathed. Among the celebrities and fashion icons who attended the Louis Vuitton event, Sehun was among the most recognized among the fans, proving the growing reach of the EXO fandom worldwide. French fans said that they wanted to give Sehun a warm welcome and show their support during his visit. Meanwhile, Sehun was also named by Vogue Magazine as the Best Dressed at Paris Fashion Week, a major honor given the fashion heavyweights present at the event. While many stars dressed to impress, Sehun kept it casual and let his personal style do the talking, All Kpop  reported. According to Vogue, Sehun’s natural style allowed him to carry off runway looks at the airport and let him get away with changing hair colors like other K-pop idols. But his outfit of the day, a colorful shirt, trousers and black leather bomber was enough to catch attention because of its understated elegance.

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