Four Members Of Fantagio Girls Revealed Through Naver’s ‘V Live’

Four Members Of Fantagio Girls Revealed Through Naver's 'V Live'

Four Members Of Fantagio Girls Revealed Through Naver's 'V Live'

The four new members of Fantagio girls finally revealed through Naver’s “V Live” Broadcast. They introduced themselves one by one to fans and public via chat and the girls will have their debut soon. Through “V Live,” the four members introduced themselves as Kim Do Yeon, Hyojung, Soeun, and Sooyeon. The girls were having a great time chatting with fans and public for the first time and they also shared their excitement about debuting soon, AllKpop  reported. For Hyojung, she will have a stage name as Lucy and Soeun will go by the name Lisa. For the rest of the members, they prefer to have their own name for their stage name.
It will be great to have Fantagio girls debuting as a girl group because they can give a new music to the K-Pop world. Meanwhile, fans can also take part in naming the girl group by sending the suggestion through email. It is a new way for the company to try to make fans and idol get closer and it is a good way to promote a new girl group. Kim Do Yeon is the ex-member of IOI who had a year experience being a member of a girl group. She did really well on “Produce 101” season one and she took the eighth place on the final rank of the show, Soompi  reported. Kim Do Yeon not only stole the attention for her talents and visual, but she could also bring laughter to other members because of her funny expression. She once did a photo shoot for Maybelline New York and her pictures were stunning. People really anticipate the new girl group from Fantagio and they predict that the girls will have a great debut. People need to wait a little bit longer to know the full members and the final name chosen for the Fantagio girls. Read Next: BIGBANG Members Receive Drug Test After T.O.P Arrested

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