‘Fortunately, The Milk’ Movie Is In The Making, Johnny Depp Set To Star In Gaiman’s Creation


'Fortunately, The Milk' Movie Is In The Making, Johnny Depp Set To Star In Gaiman's Creation

“Fortunately, The Milk” movie has some big names signed on for its film adaptation.
Neil Gaiman is not a stranger to film adaptations of his books. However, not many are aware that some films were actually books that were written by him. Films like “Coraline,” “Stardust,” “Mirrormask” and a number of other films. “Fortunately, The Milk” movie is the most recent addition to the roster of Gaiman movie titles.

“Johnny Depp and film-maker Edgar Wright are reportedly teaming up for the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’ s book ‘Fortunately, The Milk,’ ” reported Guardian . Depp is reportedly interested in producing the film apart from acting in it.
The “Pirates Of The Carribean” star is well known to take on a number of different roles and various personas throughout his acting career but there is no news on which character he would be taking on in the “Fortunately, The Milk” movie. He may possibly play the dad or Professor Steg, also known as the time-travelling stegosaurus, but there is no confirmation as of now.
According to IBTimes, “The children’s story, originally published under the Stardust author’s name in 2013, follows a father who is left to look after his young son and daughter while their mother is away with her job.
“Discovering the family is out of milk one day, he goes to the local shop to pick some up, but returns hours later with a weird and wonderful tale of his accidental time-travelling trip. His numerous antics saw him mingling with pirates, aliens, a volcano god and a dinosaur in a hot air balloon.”
There is no release date announced for the film.

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