Former Member Of The ‘Wonder Girls’ Band, Yeeun Shares Reasons For The Kpop Group’s Disbandment

Former Member Of The 'Wonder Girls' Band

Former Member Of The 'Wonder Girls' Band, Yeeun Shares Reasons For The Kpop Group’s Disbandment

Recent updates reveal that former band member of the popular “Wonder Girls” group, Yeeun revealed her thoughts about the K-pop group’s disbandment. Fans were disappointed about the news that the iconic “Wonder Girls” group had to part their separate ways late January, this year.   The “Wonder Girls” girl group was one of JYP Entertainment’s famous bands. The girl group is popularly known for their famous track titled “Nobody,” which became popular around the world. However, it is reported that the “Wonder Girls” girl group that lasted almost a decade disbanded when contract negotiations between the members of the Kpop group and their agency, JYP Entertainment fell through. 
Recently, one former member of “Wonder Girls” girl group, Yeeun, who decided to leave JYP Entertainment shared some reason why she and other members of the “Wonder Girls” band decided to part ways. Soompi reported that Yeeun revealed in an interview with South Korea’s @Star1, that the members of the “Wonder Girls” band decided to disband in order to give each other the chance to explore their different career paths.   “We chose to [separate] because we really cared for one another and were looking out for each other,” Yeeun told the media outlet. Even with the disbandment of the “Wonder Girls” girl group, the alumni of the Kpop group are optimistic that their decision to separate is best for them and will yield positive results for each of the members. The report also states that Yeeun went ahead to display her excitement over the future endeavors of the “Wonder Girls” band.  At this time, Yeeun has yet to sign up with a new management company after leaving the Kpop group. The Wonder Girls alum, as well as Sunmi, did not renew their respective contracts with JYP Entertainment. Meanwhile, two of Yeeun’s former bandmates namely Yubin and Hyerim stayed on with the said entertainment agency.  It is reported by Allkpop that former member of the “Wonder Girls” band, Sunmi recently entered into a contract with MAKE US Entertainment. The report states that the agency unveiled its commitment to support the Kpop singer in her future projects in an announcement released by the aforementioned company.   The announcement made it clear that MAKE US Entertainment promises to provide a conducive environment for Sunmi to achieve her goals as a musician. The “Wonder Girls” band official announced their disbandment on Thursday, Jan. 26. The members of the Kpop group released their farewell track titled “Draw Me” on Friday, Feb. 10, to mark the Kpop band’s 10th anniversary.   Read Next: ‘Six Bomb’ Update: K-Pop Girl Group Turned Their Plastic Surgery Into A Musical Concept; Details Here!

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