Foo Fighters Cesena Concert Date Set? Rockin’ 1000 Statement Released!

Foo Fighters Cesena Concert Date Set? Rockin' 1000 Statement Released!

Foo Fighters Cesena Concert Date Set? Rockin' 1000 Statement Released!

Foo Fighters will be in Italy next month for their “Sonic Highways” tour but up to now their fans continue to await their Cesena concert. They don’t have to wait that long though.

In a post on Rockin 1000’s Facebook page, the organizers revealed that they already have a date for the much-anticipated concert in Italy.
“While we wait for it to be confirmed the date on which the Foos will be arriving in Cesena (yes yes yes you read it correctly, there is a date!),” the post said.
The post was attached with a video of the Foo Fighter’s last concert in Cesena in 1997.
Although the exact date has not yet been revealed, followers of the page were ecstatic. Some of them even commented on the post and said they were able to see the band in 1997 and were hoping to see them again when they come back to the town.
According to the band’s “Sonic Highway” tour dates on their website , they will be in Italy on the second week of November. There are no details yet if the Cesena performance will be within the same week as well.
Weeks after the “Learn To Fly” cover circulated, rumors that a Cesena performance has been locked circulated. But the Rockin’ 1000 team were quick to clarify the reports.
“They’re super excited to come to Cesena, they will come and they promised it again with a solemn handshake, one of those where you look into each other’s eyes,” the organizers shared back in August after they personally met with the band.
Just like the organizers of the viral “Learn To Fly” cover, it seemingly appeared that the American rock band may also have something up their sleeves for Cesena.
“They’ll come and they’ll do something special and unique,” they added. “Unfortunately, they couldn’t tell us how, when or where exactly.”
Rockin’ 1000 made the viral “Learn To Fly” cover back in July in a bid to invite the Foo Fighters to have a concert in Cesena. Their Youtube video did not only reach the band but also more than 25 million people.

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