Foo Fighter Closes The Last Episode Of The ‘Late Show’; David Letterman A True Fan Of The Band

Foo Fighter Closes The Last Episode Of The 'Late Show'; David Letterman A True Fan Of The Band
Foo Fighter Closes The Last Episode Of The 'Late Show'; David Letterman A True Fan Of The Band

The Foo Fighters closed the final episode of the “Late Show With David Letterman” with a heartfelt performance of “Everlong.” Rolling Stones reveals that the song holds a special place in Letterman’s heart.

“In his introduction to the Foo Fighters Wednesday, Letterman recounted the time when, following his quintuple bypass surgery and five-week recovery in 2000, he asked his talent coordinator to book the band for his comeback show, since their “Everlong” helped him through his recovery.” However, the band had apparently already booked a South American tour, but as the host told his audience, and Grohl confirmed with RS , they cancelled the tour just to appear on that episode of the “Late Show.” “When we found out [Letterman] actually liked our music, that he actually was a fan, I was really blown away,” Grohl said.

“When he came back from his open-heart surgery, they requested that we play our song ‘Everlong’ because that was his favorite song.” Grohl and the rest of the band were all dressed in tuxedos when they played “Everlong,” but roughly 40 seconds into the track,  a slideshow of photos spanning the host’s career highlights started to roll.

The clip began with the opening credits to “Late Night With David Letterman” and Larry “Bud” Melman’s ghastly “Good evening” from his first ever late-night pilot.

The video continued by showing the program’s highlights with celebrity guests: numerous appearances by Bill Murray, Drew Barrymoore’s risqué desk dance, Jerry Lawler’s slapping incident with Andy Kaufman, and tributes to television favorites who have passed, including Melman, Johnny Carson and Warren Zevon.

“You know what I’m going to devote the rest of my life to?” the host said on the last episode of his show.

“Social Media.” Letterman will be handing the “Late Show” to former Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.

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