Floyd Mayweather Celebrates Thanksgiving With Girlfriend Doralie Medina, Batting Away Ex Fiancee Abortion Lawsuit From Shantel Jackson And In Bubble Bath

Floyd Mayweather, true to his style, spent this year’s Thanksgiving as dramatically and luxuriously as he possibly could.

While we can safely assume that he spent the day of thanks with his girlfriend Doralie Medina, he also spent some time batting away ex fiancee abortion lawsuit and soaking away his worries in bubble bath, letting his personal assistant give him a good back rub.

That puts your Thanksgiving experiences to shame, doesn’t it? Not only that, Floyd Mayweather also spent time flying around in his private helicopter to avoid bad Thanksgiving traffic.

That’s certainly one way to avoid the red lights.

He wrote on his Instagram, “From what I hear, LA traffic is a b*tch.

But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

You can catch me & @liljamez moving around town in a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.

#atthetop” Check out the undefeated boxing champion getting a nice bath before he presents himself to his Thanksgiving party.

Maybe it was a way to get away from the ex fiancee abortion lawsuit that has been plaguing him for sometime now.

Shantel Jackson, the ex fiancee, has been trying to persecute Floyd Mayweather for “publicly humiliated her by posting a sonogram picture of her pregnancy online and claiming they broke up because she had an abortion.” His response? “Both parties are public figures.

Abortion is a public issue.” Back to the bubble bath for the boxing champion! Maybe his girlfriend Doralie Media joined him later.

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