‘Five Night At Freddy’s’ Movie Adaptation Confirmed, Fans Hope Story Will Follow Game Theorists Youtube Lore Explanation

'Five Night At Freddy's' Movie Adaptation Confirmed
'Five Night At Freddy's' Movie Adaptation Confirmed


  “Five Nights At Freddy’s” started out as just a PC game indie game that did so well it warranted two very successful sequels.

Now it has perhaps reached possibly the highest form of success these days: Franchise status.

Today it was announced that Scott Cawthon’s gaming phenomenon “Five Nights At Freddy’s” has just been licensed for a film deal at Warner Bros.

While some might jump to the quick solution that the game doesn’t really lend itself to a narrative storytelling format, other fans are hoping that popular Youtube channel Game Theorist’s lore explanation of the lore of the series will become the main storyline.

“When you die in ‘Five nights at Freddy’s 2’, you sometimes get a screen like this.

That youngsters was E.T.

for the Atari.

But seriously you get these disturbing death mini games, which true to the 1987 setting use Atari-esque graphics to depict various horrific events,” explains Matthew Patrick of The Game Theorists.

” “These death mini games are the most important piece in figuring out the true story behind these games.” Given the over 9 million views on Youtube that The Game Theorist video for “Five Nights at Freddy’s 2” theory, many gamers have in the very least been intrigued by Patrick’s theory that the lore of the series is all about mysterious child murders at a chain restaurant.

These children’s souls subsequently begin to haunt Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as animatronics in an attempt to seek revenge for their deaths.

Patrick’s explanation adds in (or it is, if you believe him) a narrative structure that definitely lends itself for the screen.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros.

might be reluctant to use any of the theory in fear of copyright, but hopefully for the fans who believe this theory, something will work out in their favor.

Whatever the case may be, “Five Night’s at Freddy’s” the movie is now confirmed, marking Scott Cawthon as perhaps one of the most successful indie game makers of recent time.         

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