First Look At Goku On ‘Dragon Ball Super’ TV Series Revealed; Plot Announced!

First Look At Goku On 'Dragon Ball Super' TV Series Revealed; Plot Announced!
First Look At Goku On 'Dragon Ball Super' TV Series Revealed; Plot Announced!

The first image of Goku in the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” tv series has been released.

According to Anime News Network , the image released is actually the Toyotaro manga version of “Dragon Ball Super.” Regardless, fans are sure that this will be Goku’s look in the upcoming tv series.

These fans have been promoting the update as such.

The image, uploaded on the site cited above, reveals Goku in his original ensemble which consists of an orange vest and pants, with a blue belt and blue boots.

The source also pointed out that Goku seems to look alot younger in the photo.

Therefore, fans are assuming that additional details to the plot might have something to do with Goku being young again, or time travelling.

As previously reported, the plot for the “Dragon Ball Super ” tv series has already been announced by the producers to be picking up a few years after Majin Buu’s defeat, when the earth is back to its peaceful state once again.

Aside from the tv series, which is set to be the first one released after eight years, a new movie was just recently put out.

Titled “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F,” the movie has been reported to have exceeded the sales of the previous film, “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.” The latest one was only shown in Japan, but is set to be screened in 74 countries around the world in the near future.

In other news, the “Dragon Ball Super” TV series is also reported to currently be in the production phase.

Given the fact that the franchise has not been in the tv screens for a long time, fans are anticipating the premiere even more than they did with other releases from Toei animation.

The said series will be airing this coming July and is set to appear on Fuji TV and other japanese channels every Sundays, nine in the morning.

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