Finger Print Sensors, Now On Tap Added To Android Marshmallow; Release Date To Start On Oct. 5?

Finger Print Sensors

Finger Print Sensors, Now On Tap Added To Android Marshmallow; Release Date To Start On Oct. 5?

The upcoming version of Android operating system, the Android Marshmallow, is packed with impressive features that may lure more consumers to upgrade to it.

According to Expert Reviews , the Now on Tap is considered to be the “most obvious and impressive” feature of the new OS considering that it “takes Google Now and spread it out across the operating system.”
With such attribute, “you can use it pretty much wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.”
Prior to its release date, the site already shared with the future Android Marshmallow users the simple step towards activating such feature.
“You simply make a long press on the Home button and Now slides up from the bottom of the screnn over whatever you’re doing,” it explained.
The site revealed that with its very powerful context sensitive, intelligent search algorithims, it can scan the content of what the user is looking for.
One example it cited is when you are looking at a page about Hugh Laurie and then you ask for his age (“how old is he?”) using the voice query. The Now on Tap then shows the answer to your question.
Another notable feature of the new Android Marshmallow which was already reported before its release date was the fingerprint sensors.
This new feature is reportedly “in conjunction with a push on Android Pay – which seems to have superseded Google Wallet entirely, initially you’ll be able to authorise Play Store transactions and unlock your phone using the system. ”
In the meantime, BGR  may have just put a halt to the excitement of the Android users as it revealed that although the release date was speculated to be on Oct. 5, it will only be available for those who have a Nexus handset.
“The not-so-great news: If you own an Android phone other than a Nexus, you might have to wait a while,” it stated.
According to the site, owners of other mobile devices will have to wait for Google’s announcement about the Android Marshmallow release date intended for them.

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