Final Fantasy XV PC Release Date in May 2015? Square Enix Says Final Fantasy XV Was Made With Direct X Tools; Final Fantasy XV Video Drops [VIDEO]

Final Fantasy XV PC Version release date and the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date may have been leaked by Square Enix.

The Japanese RPG, Final Fantasy XV will see a release date soon.

Square Enix updated the official Final Fantasy XV website to release the brand new gameplay videos of Final Fantasy XV.

FFXV in 1080p was showcased during the Paris Games Week event.

Square Enix debuted two new videos for Final Fantasy XV at Paris Game Week.

The two games can be seen at YouTube.  The first Final Fantasy XV YouTube Video is a tech demo.

Gamers can check out the terrains, weather  and AI.

The Bit Bag reported that Yosuke Matsuda, president and CEO of Square Enix, said that while the Final Fantasy XV will not be showcased at E3 2014, Square Enix is working on the PC version.

Rumors say Matsuda revealed that the games were made with Direct X 11 tools.

It has already been confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be released on PC.

Square’s Western studios have been making more console games than their Japanese ones.

Japan will develop console games on a smaller scale.

The companies’ mid-sized budgets instead will go toward smaller projects. reported that Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata told French site Gamekult that Square Enix set a release window for the game.

“The progress of Final Fantasy XV is going very well.

For now we managed to release the debut trailer at Tokyo Game Show and the reception has been extraordinaire and the morale of the team is great.

Everyone is working very hard on the development,” Tabata said.

The current phase of the game is ” a concern that we have to answer ourselves at this time, because the more we move towards the final version, the more we have to produce huge amounts of content, we are really in a phase of mass production.” “To do this, we need more people to help us, so we are in recruiting in full force to strengthen the team.

We are trying to find the right people to lead the development to completion”.

He continued, saying “I cannot give the exact date, but I can tell you that the target release window and year in which it will be launched have already been set.

We are working to release the game on time, but it might take a little more time than you expect.” Gear Nuke reported that Square Enix is organizing new information of the software details.

Shinji Hashimoto is also producing both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3  “We haven’t decided when, but we’re currently preparing new information that may meet everyone’s expectations.

Please wait for a little while longer.” Hashimoto said.


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