FIESTAR’s Yezi Released Two Teaser Images For May Solo Comeback ‘Anck Su Namun’

FIESTAR's Yezi Released Two Teaser Images For May Solo Comeback 'Anck Su Namun'

FIESTAR's Yezi Released Two Teaser Images For May Solo Comeback 'Anck Su Namun'

FIESTAR’s Yezi will have a comeback as a solo singer with the second digital album on May 24. She will release “Anck Su Namun” and she just released the teaser images showing her sexy figure. Yezi comeback this time is inspired by Anck Su Namun, a queen of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. Yezi wanted to try this concept and in the teaser released, she showed her sexy figure wearing black outfit. She revealed much skin and she was laying on a floor. Her gaze was really strong and sexy at the same time, showing her more mature image, AllKpop  reported.
In another image, Yezi, still wearing the same outfit, was holding a long chain, sitting on the floor. She wore many rings on her right hands and her nails were painted black. She looked beautiful and sexy with her red lipstick, short hair and long earrings. Above her, it was her name with the name of the album. Also, there was a date of the release at the bottom of the image. Yezi stood out the most among other rappers when she joined “Unpretty Rapstar 2.” She was actually working as a dancer before debuting with FIESTAR in 2012. She released “Foresight Dream” in January 2016 as a solo singer and wowed everyone with her talents, AllKpop  reported. Yezi is really talented in both dancing and rapping and she receives a lot of attention with her swag in rapping. No doubt that her first digital single “Foresight Dream” was well received. Her comeback in this month will be anticipated by many people because they want to see her on stage again. For Yezi comeback, FIESTAR dropped the teaser images on FIESTAR official Twitter, Soompi  reported. The date is getting near and everyone is excited about her comeback. It is predicted that her comeback will be a big hit since she will give something new in this sexy concept. Before Yezi debuted in FIESTAR, she was already famous because her video of dancing and singing was two most popular on Cyworld. Yezi will sure rock this May comeback with her sexy concept and great skills in dancing and rapping. Read Next: Kang Daniel Deleted His Instagram Account After Receiving Hate Comments

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