‘Fear The Walking Dead’ EP Comments On Crossover Potential: Will Lori Grimes, Shane Walsh, Andrea And Others Cameo On In The Zombie Prequel?

'Fear The Walking Dead' EP Comments On Crossover Potential: Will Lori Grimes
'Fear The Walking Dead' EP Comments On Crossover Potential: Will Lori Grimes

Although AMC has yet to announce a premiere date for the highly anticipated “Walking Dead” spinoff “Fear The Walking Dead,” showrunner Dave Erickson has revealed his crossover plans that could see the return of some majorly “Dead” characters.

On Monday, TVLine posted an interview with Erickson discussing “Fear the Walking Dead,” where the executive producer discussed how the spinoff prequel will differ from “The Walking Dead.” “We’re covering the period of time when Rick was in his coma, so we’re getting to see things go sideways in a way that he did not,” said Erickson.

“It’ll differ in so many ways…

[It’s about] the anxiety and anticipation.

We don’t go, for lack of a better term, full-zombie.

There’s a bit more of a slow-burn to the story.

We don’t get to a point where we’re actually in a full-blown apocalypse until much later in the show.” With “Fear the Walking Dead” taking place before the death of so many beloved “Walking Dead” characters, what are the chances for a crossover? “Never say never, but there are no plans right now,” said Erickson.

“The geography is an obstacle, and frankly somewhere down the road it will become an even  greater  obstacle.” “Fear the Walking Dead” will center on Travis and Madison, “two schoolteachers that both have kids from previous marriages and are very much in love,” according to Entertainment Weekly .

“I think schoolteachers are on the front lines of a lot of things these days with kids and parents and families and all kinds of different elements of society,” said Robert Kirkman according to Rolling Stone .

“They are fairly tough individuals, so we’re going to be dealing with a couple of fairly tough individuals on this show.”     

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