‘Fate/Grand Order’ Mobile Game Gets New Trailer Featuring Servant Class Rider [VIDEO]

'Fate/Grand Order' Mobile Game Gets New Trailer Featuring Servant Class Rider [VIDEO]
'Fate/Grand Order' Mobile Game Gets New Trailer Featuring Servant Class Rider [VIDEO]


  Ufotable’s “Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works” is definitely a worthy weekend treat for fans of the “Fate” series.

Sadly however it is merely a weekly treat, limited to only weekends.

For fans wanting more of the “Fate” franchise, there’s a new “Fate/grand order” mobile game coming to the iOS and Android platforms this summer.

An all new trailer for the game began streaming this weekend.

The trailer features a new servant class Rider character designed by Mineji Sakamoto.

    Fans on Siliconera expressed excitement over the new trailer for “Fate/grand Order”: “I’d give this a go if I could.

Looks good, her design is cool,” commented Xinen.

“Fanservice Stay Night.

Gotta say it.

Thank you, glorious nippon,” added Casual Gamer.

The original “Fate/stay night” creator Kinoko Nasu is credited for writing and overseeing the original scenario for the game alongside Yuichiro Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai.

Takashi Takeuchi created the original characters and art, however the game will feature designs by a number of different artists.

So far, the following voice cast was announced: Ayako Kawasumi as Saber (designed by Takashi Takeuchi) Maaya Sakamoto as Ruler (designed by Takashi Takeuchi) Junichi Suwabe as Archer (designed by Takashi Takeuchi) Mamiko Noto as Saber (designed by huke) Anime News Network reports the followings scenario for “Fate/grand order”: “The game takes place in 2015.

The player takes the role of either a male or female amateur master candidate from the “humanity continuation security organization” named “Caldea.” The organization exists to amend the periods of human history that have gone awry and out of order.

The protagonists use the “Fate” system to summon great heroes of the past and undertake seven Holy Grail quests (called Grand Orders).


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