‘Fast And Furious 8’ Is ‘From Paul’ Walker, Says Vin Diesel; Justin Lin Set To Take The Driver’s Seat Once Again?

'Fast And Furious 8' Is ‘From Paul’ Walker
'Fast And Furious 8' Is ‘From Paul’ Walker

After “Fast and Furious 7” drifts its way towards the top of the box office charts (with the possibility of sealing it at $1 billion mark ), Vin Diesel continues to fuel the hype with some bold hints about its sequel “Furious 8.”

In a recent interview with MTV News, Diesel shared “Paul used to say that [‘Fast & Furious’] 8 was guaranteed and, in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you have to make sure it comes to pass.” This was not the first time Diesel shared some insights about “Furious 8.” While he was promoting for the latest franchise, the actor also dropped a few bits in “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” including F8’s new location and new character.

“You know I always think of these films multiple pictures in advance.

I think of them as trilogies,” he said .

Answering Jimmy’s question about the latest addition of Kurt Russell in the roster, he stated, “Kurt Russell came in for this movie, but he was really, we really hired him because of a story that follows this.

That takes place in New York.” Russell’s character in “Furious 7” is a shadow, a mysterious government agent that funds an exciting mission for the team.

But if the storyline remains faithful to Viesel’s statements, the audience might just see more him in the next installments.

Asked about his take on bagging an expanded role in the eighth, Russell shared in an interview with IGN :  “That’s going to be interesting,” “I just wanted to be able to work with them making the best possible character to either be sad he doesn’t move on or say, ‘Yeah, I want this character to move on — we need this character to move on.’ That sort of thing.

I don’t know what the situation, with Paul dying, does to that.

I don’t know,” he added.

Meanwhile, the film’s director James Wan also triggered a spark when he said that “Furious 8” might be the last installment of the franchise.

Speaking with The Daily Beast about what the future has in store for the audience, he shared: “I think it’s a great idea for Justin [Lin] to come back.

Justin had such a big part to do with where this series has gone, it would be amazing if he closed it out.” Such statement may lead to bold conclusions about the return of Justin Lin and the whole franchise itself.

But for now, fans can take comfort in Diesel’s words, “So, if fate has it – fate, F8 – then you’ll get it.

‘Furious 7′ was for Paul; 8 is from Paul.” 

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