Fashion Faceoff: T.O.P Vs. Byun Yo Han In Etro Suit [Blog]

Fashion Faceoff: T.O.P Vs. Byun Yo Han In Etro Suit [Blog]
Fashion Faceoff: T.O.P Vs. Byun Yo Han In Etro Suit [Blog]

In the last male Fashion Faceoff, Blade Man ‘s Lee Dong Wook faced Empress Ki heartthrob Ji Chang Woo in the battle of the monochromatic Armani shirt.

Lee won with 83% of the votes after finishing his look with matching plaid pants and a gelled hairdo.

For this week’s battle, we go bold and print-centric! Big Bang’s T.O.P and Misaeng ‘s Byun Yo Han both wore the same Etro suit from the brand’s 2015 Spring menswear collection.

T.O.P donned the spotted-flower set in the January issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

He accessorized his look with a round luxury watch, platinum white-blond hair and those eyebrows that could cut through steel.

Dear lord, T.O.P loves his Etro! Meanwhile, Byun sported the suit in the February issue of Allure.

He coupled the runway outfit with petal-print loafers and straight-out-of-bed hair.

For his picture, he squatted over a toilet.

I am so done with fashion right now…

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below! T.O.P Vs.

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