Fans Gave Twitter Trending Hastag For Welcoming Daesung’s Japanese Mini Album ‘D-Day’

Fans Gave Twitter Trending Hastag For Welcoming Daesung's Japanese Mini Album 'D-Day'

Fans Gave Twitter Trending Hastag For Welcoming Daesung's Japanese Mini Album 'D-Day'

Bigbang’s Daesung has been known for his angelic voice. Having a sweet yet powerful voice, he has been really successful with his solo career in Japan. He is also the main vocalist in Bigbang. Recently, the singer released a new Japanese mini album. Fans from around the world congratulated him with trending hastag on Twitter. Daesung released his Japanese mini album “D-Day” in both Korea and Japan. Even though it is in Japanese, but Daesung decided to release it also in Korea to give a surprise for VIP in Korea, reported AllKpop . Many fans in Korea have been waiting for Daesung’s album since he released “Lunatic” and “What’s Up” in 2011.
Fans around the world were happy for Daesung’s comeback. Thus, to congratulate him, they made hastag #KangDaeSung­_Congratulationonyour_soloalbum became a worldwide trending topic. They wanted to let the world know about Daesung’s new album. It seems that Twitter has been used by many fans to show love and loyalty to their idols. Previously, Twitter was also used by ARMY to show their loyalty to Jimin. As previously, Jimin got death threats, many armys around the world made trending topic with the hastag about armys want to protect Jimin, reported AllKpop . The respond for Daesung’s album was really good. People fell in love immediately with his voice. His album even got the first rank on Japanese iTunes, reported BigbangUpdates . His fans in Japan are really loyal to Daesung. It is no surprise since he has made many appearances on stage singing his best songs. Besides having an angelic voice, Daesung is also doing really good in variety shows. He has done many variety shows and they were really good. He has joined some famous variety shows like “Running Man,” “Family Outing” and more. People are amazed of his funny sides which are so entertaining. For his comeback, his fans are ready to give full support for him. Read Next: Armys Showed Loyalty By Giving Worldwide Trend Of #ArmysWillProtectJimin To Answer BTS’s Jimin’s Death Threats

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