Fan Club Sues Malicious Online Commenters On Behalf Of Winner’s Nam Tae Hyun

Fan Club Sues Malicious Online Commenters On Behalf Of Winner's Nam Tae Hyun
Fan Club Sues Malicious Online Commenters On Behalf Of Winner's Nam Tae Hyun

Fans of WINNER  member Nam Tae Hyun have begun to take legal action against online commenters they allege have been spreading malicious rumors about the idol, reports Koreaboo .

Nam Tae Hyun fans have collected the hateful comments, submitted the compilation and paid the filing fees to the police for investigation.

The drastic action by Nam Tae Hyun fans was prompted by the flood of negative comments being directed at Nam Tae Hyun regarding his pre-debut life.

Online commenters have been accusing Nam Tae Hyun of being a violent student in high school who also smoked and entered in messy relationships with girls, which prompted the idol to transfer from Hanam Shinpyeong Middle School to Seoul Han San Middle School.

The rumors have been further fueled by posts from alleged past classmates of Nam Tae Hyun describing his bad boy attitude and lifestyle before his debut.

YG Entertainment, the agency of Nam Tae Hyun, have also not yet released a statement about the rumors, which has only emboldened online commenters.

All these combined were enough to convince Nam Tae Hyun fans to support their idol through the filing of charges against his haters.

But some observers are questioning whether it is in the right place for fans to file charges in behalf of their idols, and whether such actions are actually helping or hurting their cause.

“Why is a fanclub taking legal action?” “Even the people who didn’t know anything about Nam Tae Hyun now know exactly what’s being said about him,” said online commenters, according to Koreaboo.

Do you think it was proper for Nam Tae Hyun fans to sue the malicious posters? — Mickey is a writer and digital content creator based in Manila.

He is a co-founder of ZAVI App  and editor of the small business blog IndieMickey .

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