Falling Skies Season 5 Renewal By TNT, Cast, Trailer: What Did Tom Mason See In The Final Episode, Showrunner David Eick Talks About Final Season [VIDEO]

“Falling Skies” season 4 has just finished airing and season 5, the final season, has begun filming its ten episodes and will likey release next June.

CarterMatt  points out that the plot entering next season will probably be filled with hope.

“In terms of broad strokes, what we do anticipate from the final season starts and ends with one word: Hope.

While we’ve seen our fair share of shows with sad endings as of late (from Breaking Bad to Dexter to even How I Met Your Mother, mostly in that it wasn’t any good), we cannot imagine that this will be one of them and leave anyone satisfied.

After all, what would be the point of the past several years just to see them suffer more at the end? This is not like Walter White, where he was a terrible person for most of the run and really got what was coming to him in so many ways.

Tom doesn’t deserve to be gunned down or destroyed,” it said.

“Also, we do expect some cast shake-ups (characters do die), some further information about the Espheni and other alien races, and what a potential human society could look like now that so much as changed.” Showrunner David Eick told Flickering Myth  on August 29 that season 5 is already being filmed.

“We just finished breaking episode 5 today, and we don’t start shooting for another month or so, so we’re in really good shape …

much better shape than frankly I’ve been on other sci-fi visual effects shows where you’re chasing your tail by episode three.

It’s nice to plan ahead, it’s nice to be able to perfect it,” he said.

“At the same time, it’s nice to be able to make course corrections, and give yourself the flexibility to change things on the fly.” “We’re still here, and we’ll be back for a fifth and final season.

So rarely in television do you get to choose your own ending,” added Noah Wyle.

“You get to give the fans a sense of completion to the narrative that you’ve played out.

Getting to wrap up these storylines and have these characters reach their natural conclusions…

I think it’ll be satisfying for everybody.” The Wrap reported that Taylor Russell will be recurring on TNT’s sci-fi drama.

According to The Wrap , Taylor Russell will join the cast.

The only thing we know about the character Russell is playing, Evelyn, is that she will be taken in by the 2nd Mass “when she’s found roaming.

When season 4 ended, Tom was facing something unknown he called “beautiful,” and Noah Wyle told us that “the payoff for it next year will be worth it.” Showrunner David Eick did tell Entertainment Weekly  that this will set up an “internal” and emotional story for Tom as we get near the end of the season: “I’m not at liberty to deliver fully disclosed spoilers, but I will tell you that what Tom does see will prove to be the sort of lynchpin in what drives [the 2nd Mass] and provides a strategic angle for the 2nd Mass to pursue in the fifth season.

I wouldn’t say they discover a doomsday device, but what they discover is a strategic weapon of sorts that will prove to have a great impact on what happens in the fifth season.” ” It is a more emotional, internal motivation that propels Tom Mason in season 5.

It’s not just about tactics or looking at war room maps, although that remains a big part of the show.

It’s about how even the best generals will tell stories about how they had to rely on their gut, and [season 5] is a season in which the gut aspect of Tom Mason’s approach to defeating the enemy takes on a much more prominent role via the encounter he has at the end of season 4.

So through that encounter we will emphasize the emotional aspects of his decision-making, his strategy, and the ultimate outcome.” In other “Falling Skies” news, tragedy struck the set of Falling Skies when, a ccording to Deadline , “A Teamsters security guard (Local 155) was killed Monday night on the set of TNT’s sci-fi drama ‘Falling Skies’ when he was struck by an unattended truck that rolled down a hill and pinned him against a tree.” Spokesman for WorkSafeBC (British Columbia’s Workers’ Compensation Board) Scott McCloy is investigating the accident.

He said “A five-ton truck parked on a 6% slope had been left unattended.

The vehicle tailgate was lowered for off-loading of equipment.

The truck rolled backwards down the slope and the deceased worker was caught between the tailgate and the tree.” Further, McCloy said that there will be further investigation on the matter headed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

They’ll investigate if there’s something mechanically wrong with the truck.

As for TNT, a spokeswoman for the network said “We are deeply saddened by this tragic event, and on behalf of the producers and TNT, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the family of the security guard.”

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