Fall Into ‘The Beat’ With Topp Dogg’s Latest Comeback

Fall Into 'The Beat' With Topp Dogg's Latest Comeback

Fall Into 'The Beat' With Topp Dogg's Latest Comeback

Despite changes to the group’s lineup, Topp Dogg have finally made their return with their latest song and EP, “The Beat.”
“The Beat” dropped on Topp Dogg’s official YouTube channel on Oct. 18. Topp Dogg embrace an aggressive and colorful style for their latest track (Wolf). Fused with hip-hop elements, “The Beat” will have listeners dancing along with the boy of Topp Dogg. The track balances the Topp Dogg members’ diverse vocals and rapping styles into one smooth piece that’s fun to listen to again and again.

Meanwhile, the bright visuals of the video keep viewers hooked and further add to the fun nature of the song. With so much happening from start to finish it’s impossible to watch the video only once.
“The Beat” is Topp Dogg’s fourth EP since their debut in 2013 and their first return since their company merged with Hunus Entertainment. This is also their first comeback without members Kidoh and Gohn who were announced to be leaving the group prior to the comeback. Though fans are saddened to see the video without them it was revealed that former member Kidoh participated in writing and composing on Topp Dogg’s latest EP.
Get into “The Beat” and check out the new Topp Dogg in the video below:

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