Facebook Notifies Users Of New Policies Jan. 1, 2015, Gives Users Control Of Ads Too

Facebook is implementing new policies by Jan.

1, 2015 , Techaries reported.

Facebook users probably recognize the new notification from the site that says, ” By using our services after Jan.

1 , you agree to our updated terms, data policy and cookies policy and to seeing improved ads based on apps and sites you can use.

Learn more about these updates and how to control the ads you see.”

Part of the notification explains that Facebook has made changes in users control over their News Feed.

The latest addition in the Facebook News Feed settings is an option to unfollow any friend.

“News Feed settings will now show a list of the top people, Pages and Groups that you’ve seen in your News Feed over the past week.

You can choose to sort by people, Pages or Groups posts, or see an overall summary.

Unfollow any friend, Page or Group if you don’t want to see their stories in your News Feed.

You can also see who you’ve unfollowed in the past and can choose to re-follow them at anytime.” The new setting will also able to allow users to sort out what news feeds they want to receive from Facebook friends or see less of that person depending on the users interest.

News Feed settings became available starting Friday on desktop and mobile.

The new options for giving feedback about your News Feed was also made available on desktop, and coming to mobile in the coming weeks.

The new notification also allows users to take control over the types of ads it can see and now has an “opt-out” version.

The notification from Facebook further added, “We’re also updating our terms, data policy, and cookies policy   to reflect new features we’ve been working on and to make them easy to understand.

And we’re continuing to improve ads based on the apps and sites you use off Facebook and expanding your control over the ads you see.”

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