EXO’s Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father, Adding Fuel To Viral Letter

EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father
EXO's Tao Reportedly Following Account Claiming To Be His Father

After being absent from “Call Me Baby” promotions, rumors of Huang Zi Tao leaving SM Entertainment’s EXO is growing after a letter has emerged claiming to be written by his father.

According to various reports, a recently made social media account posted a letter that is allegedly written by Tao’s father.

The letter purports that the parent has requested a cancellation of Tao’s contract with SM Entertainment.

“Zi Tao did not get the company’s support, instead only returned with an injured body,” said the letter according to Koreaboo .

“In that case, what was all our perseverance from the start worth? I decided to bring Zi Tao home for treatment, only to get noticed that we missed the ideal treatment period. If these injuries do not properly heal it will be detrimental to his physical condition, just like how the last straw broke the camel’s back, this made me decide to bring him back.” Reportedly, a similar statement has been published by Chinese media outlet Sina on Wednesday from Tao’s father.

“I’m writing this feeling very confused and heartbroken,” said Tao’s father according to allkpop .

“I know that my decision may cause hurt to many people and even to my son Tao.

Though I finally convinced him, Tao doesn’t seem to understand a selfish father like me.

If it’s between Tao living life as an idol in Korea and Tao’s health, I choose Tao’s health without hesitation.” While many are questioning the validity of the account that posted the letter, reports state that it is followed by Tao’s personal Weibo account.

On Thursday, SM Entertainment reportedly released a statement denying the rumors of Tao leaving the record label after sustaining an ankle injury.

“Though a Chinese media outlet has reported that Tao has expressed his desire to terminate his contract with the agency, this is completely false,” said the statement.


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