EXO’s Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg, And To Study?

EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg
EXO's Tao Heads To California Seeking Treatment For Injured Leg

  After photos of Tao’s injured leg began to circulate, perhaps fans were no longer surprised that his father was worried enough about him to beg him to leave EXO.

In fact, many wished that he’d get better even if it meant he would not be able to complete group activities for their highly anticipated comeback.

Luckily for those fans, it looks as if EXO’s Tao is going to take an extended break for his health.

Recent reports from the Chinese media and fans document Tao making a trip to California to seek treatment for his injury.

Additionally, it looks like Tao will also be taking time out to continue academic studies while on break from activities with EXO.

According to Allkpop , a Chinese Media source reported on Tao’s exit from China.

“Tao has left for the U.S.

for his studies.

In America, he will get treatment for his leg and it looks like he will start rehabilitation.

At the airport, Tao was wearing black and comfortable clothing,” read the Chinese report.

Fans in California were quick to greet Tao when he arrived in California, with several twitter users posting personal photos of Tao arriving at the airport and getting into a car with his mother.

Tao arrived at LAX airport on May 7.

Unfortunately for EXO fans looking to know the fate of Tao’s membership, it is still shrouded in mystery.

Last month, SM Entertainment released a statement stating that they were working to come to an agreement with Tao’s father over his injury, but did not confirm or deny that Tao would eventually leave EXO.

In addition to this, Tao himself has yet to comment on his alleged exit from EXO.     

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