EXO’s Tao And Baekhyun Surpass 3 Million Instagram Followers

EXO's Tao And Baekhyun Surpass 3 Million Instagram Followers
EXO's Tao And Baekhyun Surpass 3 Million Instagram Followers

Two more members of EXO have conquered the 3 million mark on Instagram! EXO’s Baekhyun and Tao overlapped three million followers on instagram within the past few days.

Baekhyun took a break from instagram for an astounding 10 months before returning with comeback related photos while fellow member, Tao, had only been gone for about two weeks since his last post.

Baekhyun’s most recent post features the vocalist with damp and tousled hair preparing for promotions for “Call Me Baby” and “My Answer”.

Fans left comments such as “Please…up[load] as many as many selcas as possible,” “Why are you so cute?” and “My answer is you!”   While Baekhyun showed a bashful side on his instagram, fellow member Tao reassured fans that he was on his way to recovery by uploading a photo with the caption “I will get well soon”.

The photo captured Tao with a playful grin sticking his tongue out to his fans.

Fans rushed to Tao’s post with encouraging comments including “Please get well soon.”, “Take care of yourself, Tao!”, and “Get well soon! We don’t want you getting sick!”.

Aside from Baekhyun and Tao reaching 3 million followers, fellow EXO members Sehun and Chanyeol have broken that title as well.

Sehun is in second place for the most instagram followers in EXO with 3.3 million and Chanyeol in first place with 3.5 million.

EXO members Lay and Xiumin have yet to break the 3 million mark as of yet with 2.3 million followers each, but with the intensity of their “Call Me Baby” comeback we can expect to see a rise.

EXO is currently working hard with their promotions for “Call Me Baby” having had their first comeback stage on April 2.

“Call Me Baby” has seen tremendous success on the music charts securing an all-kill before the release of the full album, ‘EXODUS’ on March 30.

EXO is exuded tons of charisma during their first comeback stage so let’s look forward the to rest their daring “Call Me Baby” stages!

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