EXO’s Sehun Beats Hollywood Stars In Paris Fashion Week

EXO's Sehun Beats Hollywood Stars In Paris Fashion Week

EXO's Sehun Beats Hollywood Stars In Paris Fashion Week

EXO’s Sehun had indeed made his presence known in the Paris Fashion Week as he wore a cool looking Louis Vuitton outfit. This earned him a ton of praises from the entertainment industry, as well as from other Hollywood stars. Because of this, Vogue magazine had hailed Sehun as the best-dressed man during the Louis Vitton fashion show which was held at the Louvre Museum. All of this is thanks to Sehun’s classy and sleek outfit that he wore with utmost confidence during the prestigious event.
According to Soompi , Vogue Magazine says that Sehun stood out from the rest, even if he was in one of the most high-class fashion events in the world. Despite various Hollywood stars around during the event, Sehun had still made a mark in the event, and he even exceeded everyone’s expectations. With this, one can safely say that he may even had bested out some Hollywood stars in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. According to Korea Portal , Sehun wore Louis Vuitton-branded outfit throughout his body. What Sehun wore was a shirt that featured kaleidoscopic prints. It was also topped with an elegant looking black leather bomber, giving more accent and theme to his overall look. All in all, it was more on how he wore the outfit, rather than how his outfit looked. But then again, it’s all just a matter of combination. Despite it not being his best look as he had way more extravagant looking hairstyles and clothes, it still got the news talking about him. It was indeed big honor and privilege for him to get that distinction, as it was not common for Vogue to give out praises to individual celebrities. Sehun was also reported to have snapped a photo with some of the famous celebrities that were present during the event. One of them was when he took a picture of himself together with Jaden Smith.

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