EXO’s Kai Asked Fans To Call Him ‘Kai Oppa!!’ If Fans Wanted Him To Come For Them

EXO's Kai Asked Fans To Call Him 'Kai Oppa!!' If Fans Wanted Him To Come For Them

EXO's Kai Asked Fans To Call Him 'Kai Oppa!!' If Fans Wanted Him To Come For Them

EXO is known to have many fans around the world. This boy group from SM Entertainment has many hit songs and their performance on stage is always powerful and entertaining. Every member has their own special skill, which makes the group more popular. Recently, Kai EXO asked the fans to call him “Kai Oppa”, and it became the trend in Korea. According to  Koreaboo , Kai posted on the EXO-L official fan site on Jan. 29, asking the fans to call him “Kai Oppa!! if they want him to appear in front of them. Soon, the fans flocked to twitter and copied his phrase. It was becoming the trending phrase on twitter in Korea.
He was just joking and teasing the fans. But as the fans were so happy about his post, they added tons of comments on the fan site just right after his post. They wanted to be recognized by Kai right away. EXO Kai has been open about his relationship with f(x) Krystal. Fans even once captured their picture when they were kissing in a pool. According to  Sbs , the agency confirmed of them dating. They first started as friends and then decided to date for sharing the same similarities. When Kai first opened to public about his dating, Krystal got so much hate from Kai’s fans. They gave harsh comment on Krystal for dating him. But most of the fans felt happy of his relationship with Krystal. It seems the hate comments have disappeared and the fans can now accept the fact. It is proven by comment on the fan site when they didn’t mention Krystal anymore, They just focused to give comment of Kai only. With the new phrase Kai gave to the fans, it is possibly that he will called “Kai Oppa” by fans a lot from now on.


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