EXO Stalker Fans Continue Their Inappropriate Behavior – Why Won’t SM Entertainment Do Anything About It?

EXO Stalker Fans Continue Their Inappropriate Behavior - Why Won't SM Entertainment Do Anything About It?
EXO Stalker Fans Continue Their Inappropriate Behavior - Why Won't SM Entertainment Do Anything About It?

It would appear that even after pleas from the group members, EXO continue their never-ending battle with sasaeng (‘private life’ stalker fans).

For sasaeng, who appear to have no qualms about overstepping boundaries, even the most private family events are not off limits.

As was the case with the wedding of EXO-K member Baekhyun ‘s older brother.

As reported by Sports Seoul , a group of these crazed fans crashed the wedding ceremony and ruined Baekhyun’s brother’s big day.

Eye-witness reports, as well as the sasaengs’ own personal accounts of the incident, say that a bunch of overzealous stalker fans barged into the wedding hall with cameras and camcorders.

While Baekhyun was standing behind his brother and sister-in-law as they cut their wedding cake, a group of these so-called fans rushed over and asked for autographs.

After having to deal with being chased, groped, and spied on, Baekhyun and his fellow group mates can’t seem to catch a break, or a moment’s rest.

Although they addressed their fans last month begging to be allowed the right to live their private lives without fear of being watched, filmed, or photographed, it seems that all has been in vain.

What’s more, is that EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment , has yet to do anything directly in order to stave off the stalkers that continue to disrupt and endanger the lives of the group members.

It has been suggested by netizens that due to the enormous revenue generated by such intense fans, taking any sort of legal action would potentially ruin the company’s ability to make a profit off the twelve-member boy band.

Sasaeng fans have been known to devote thousands of dollars a month into their idol obsessions, and while a large portion of that money goes towards illegal stalking activities, they do also buy CDs and excessive amounts of official merchandise.

SM Entertainment idols H.O.T and TVXQ have also had more than their fair share of obsessive and dangerous fans, and the agency did little, if anything, to protect them, focusing instead on the groups’ profit yields.

Other netizens have pointed out that even before EXO debuted, SM Entertainment was prepping the public with teasers and idol propaganda – essentially creating a whole new generation of sasaengs.

Perhaps following the old saying “any press is good press,” the record company gains a tremendous amount of attention and media play when fans lash out or engage in extreme behavior in the name of their idols.

Surely people who had never heard of EXO during the first year after their debut know about the group now thanks to the insane things their fans have done in recent months.

But how far is too far for SM? When will they actually step in to help the EXO members instead of sticking to the sidelines willingly accepting the money EXO sasaengs are tossing their way? The latest incident is indeed tragic, not just for Baekhyun’s brother and his wife, but for the idol and the other members of EXO who are surely realizing that even sacred family events are not safe from sasaengs – and it is painfully clear that some drastic measures need to be taken in order to protect the privacy of the idols.

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