EXO Release New Teaser Photos For ‘Love Me Right’ Repackage

EXO Release New Teaser Photos For 'Love Me Right' Repackage
EXO Release New Teaser Photos For 'Love Me Right' Repackage

  EXO-Ls may be disappointed to know Tao will be missing from their favorite group’s promotions, but there’s still plenty to be excited about.

After all, there’s nothing better than a new music video and song from your favorite group.

SM Entertainment group EXO is now set to return for promotion of their “Exodus” album repackage entitled “Love Me Right.” The repackage will be released on June 3, and promoted with the remaining members of EXO while Tao attends a conference in China.

The new teaser images for the “Love Me Right” repackage are available below.

So far, fans are reacting to the repackage album with excitement.

“I am so excited about the repackage album, even though Tao will not be a part of it,” said Julieyang0936 (via Allkpop).

Other fans are excited for EXO to return alongside other big K-pop artists that are scheduled for comeback promotions.

“Get ready to see some EXO and SHINee interaction! June is so exciting – Big Bang, Shinee, and EXO,” commented Xoxoshawol.

According to Koreaboo, EXO’s album repackage “Love Me Right” will include the original songs from their full length album “Exodus” as well as four new songs.

As mentioned previously, Tao will not be a part of this promotional period, recently seeking treatment in the U.S.

for an on-going ankle injury.

He will return to China for a new Chinese endorsement.

EXO’s album repackage announcement comes at a time when the group has been shrouded in controversy due to rumored departures of Lay and Tao.

Additionally, previously departed members Luhan and Kris are still involved in a lawsuit over their contract with the group’s label SM Entertainment.

Despite the rumors, injuries, and difficult scheduling, fans have remained supportive of EXO.

As a result, it is likely that the remaining members will continue to perform to the best of their abilities.


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