EXO Perform For 36,000 Fans In First-Ever Tokyo Performance

EXO Perform For 36
EXO Perform For 36

EXO have begun their first solo concert tour in order to meet fans all over the world.

The group has completed their Tokyo concert successfully and met with 36,000 fans.

On November 18-20, they held their solo concert tour, EXO FROM.

EXOPLANET #1-The Lost Planet- in Tokyo and prepared various performances and events for their fans.

They were able to show their own unique style through this solo concert and had a great time interacting with fans.

After news of their first Japan solo concert was released, it became the hottest issue and received much attention and spotlight.

Before this Tokyo concert, they had finished their concert in Fukuoka, which was successful as well.

They sold out of all tickets for this tour and showed their overwhelming ticket power in Japan.

This is rare for a group as they have not officially even debuted in Japan yet.

At the Tokyo concert, the group opened with their debut song, “MAMA” as well “Overdose”, “Growl”, “Lucky”, “My Lady”, “3.6.5”, “XOXO” and more and had a great time with their fans.

They also had solo performances as well which allowed each of the members to showcase their own unique talent and style.

Fans also held up their glow sticks and supported the group throughout the entire concert.

EXO also prepared their greeting message in Japanese and was able to communicate with their fans.

With the Tokyo concert at a close, they will be heading to Osaka next on December 22 to 24 to continue their tour.

EXO debuted in 2011 through SM Entertainment as 12 members.

The group is broken down into 2 subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M.

Currently, members Luhan and Kris are inactive members after they filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment earlier this year.

Currently, the group EXO is promoting as a 10 member group.

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