EXO Marks 3rd Anniversary Since Debut While Fans Celebrate Spending ‘#3YearsWithEXO’

EXO Marks 3rd Anniversary Since Debut While Fans Celebrate Spending ‘#3YearsWithEXO’
EXO Marks 3rd Anniversary Since Debut While Fans Celebrate Spending ‘#3YearsWithEXO’

April 8 proved to be a joyous day of jubilee for EXO  and their fans, known collectively as EXO-L, as the group marked their 3rd year anniversary since their debut with “Mama” in 2012.

Fans flooded social media with heartwarming messages and used the hashtag #3yearswithEXO, posting enough to make it trend worldwide on anniversary day.

Fans also took the opportunity to reminisce about their favorite moments, posting past pictures of the EXO boys when they were a bit younger.

“Thank you for everything” and “We will always be by your side” fans said.

EXO spent April 8 in China on a fan signing event, but they took time to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary by slicing cake.

All current members except Tao , who is recovering from his ankle injury , can be seen holding the cake knife while smiling.

The topic of two members leaving EXO – Kris  and Luhan  departed to pursue solo activities in China – could not be sidestepped during the anniversary, but both the group and their fans seem focused instead on the positive present and bright future.

In an interview with Super Junior’s Ryewook’s radio show Kiss the Radio , EXO members opted not to dwell on the member departures and other the negative things that have happened in the past three years.

When asked by Ryeowook: “Tomorrow is EXO’s third year anniversary.

A lot of things happened during the past three years.

What do you guys think?” “Three years can be considered long or short.

In EXO’s case, there were a lot of things that happened,” Xiumin  reportedly said, according to Allkpop .

EXO members steered the topic instead to their current success and how thankful they were to fans for continuing to support them, especially in their latest comeback.

“We said this in an interview a long time ago but it hasn’t broadcasted yet.

If we win number one for two weeks or even three weeks, we would like to hold a small fanmeeting event,” the group reportedly said.

“Through a fanmeeting, we would like to spend even at least a little time being close to our fans and have fun with them.” EXO has been seeing massive success with their current comeback promotions for their new album Exodus.

 Their title track, “Call Me Baby” has been rocking the charts and YouTube views, the latter ballooning past 10 million in the span of one week.

The group has also been stomping other groups in music show awards.

For their part, most fans did not seem to hold a grudge against Kris and Luhan, making sure to include them in their congratulatory greetings for the milestone.

“You’ll always be in my heart, OT12, OT11, OT10, it doesn’t matter.

As long as I’m with you forever,” said Twitter user baby taylor, referring to the times when EXO had all 12 original members, as 11 minus Kris, and as 10 minus.


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