EXO Fans Accuse Chinese Pop Group TF Boys Of Copying Music Video

EXO Fans Accuse Chinese Pop Group TF Boys Of Copying Music Video
EXO Fans Accuse Chinese Pop Group TF Boys Of Copying Music Video

  EXO  fans in China are crying foul over what they allege to be an act of plagiarism perpetrated by famous Chinese idol group TF Boys .

Fans have taken their charges online, claiming that the new music video by TF Boys titled “Yang” shares an unsettling number of similarities with the Chinese version music video for the 2013 EXO ballad “Miracles in December”.

In order to illustrate their claim of plagiarism, one fan posted a series of side-by-side comparison screenshots taken from both music videos.

Fans point to how certain scenes such as playing the piano and nuzzling a puppy are allegedly lifted from EXO’s “Miracles in December” and re-enacted in TF Boys’ “Yang”.

“EXO’s so popular that everyone knows what their music video looks like, hopeless to even try and copy it,” said one online commenter on Naver, as compiled and translated by Netizenbuzz .

“Obviously plagiarized, hopeless to argue that it’s not because the background is different,” said another online commenter.

But some fans were dubious of the plagiarism charge.

“Looks like a stretch,” said an online commenter who was not really convinced with the alleged evidence.

This latest controversy piles on to the growing list of troubles that have hit the group, especially regarding its Chinese members.

Chinese member Tao has been reported to have left the group due to health reasons  following several injuries sustained by the idol as part of EXO, according to Tao’s father.

Another Chinese member, Lay, has also stopped promoting in the comeback performances of EXO, further brewing rumors that he, too, will be departing from the group.

Last year, two other members, Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan left the group to pursue solo careers in China.

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