EXID’s Comeback Updates: Track List Finally Revealed, LE Composed And Wrote The Lyrics Of Four Songs

EXID's Comeback Updates: Track List Finally Revealed

EXID's Comeback Updates: Track List Finally Revealed, LE Composed And Wrote The Lyrics Of Four Songs

EXID is about to have a comeback soon without Solji. Having four members, they plan to release mini album “Eclipse.” Recently, they shared the track list for their upcoming mini album. EXID has been popular since their song “Up & Down.” Following with “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink,” this girl group from Banana Culture Entertainment has set their popularity among many girl groups in Korea. One of the members, Solji is currently taking a hiatus due to her health issue. Thus, the company decided to have only four members without Solji’s voice in the song for their upcoming comeback. For this upcoming mini album “Eclipse,” there will be six tracks. The title track chosen was “Night rather than Day,” reported by AllKpop . This mini album will be something special for the group because the member LE composed four tracks. She also wrote the lyrics of all her four composed songs. It was reported that the sixth track was instrumental.
For this comeback, EXID has prepared a new concept different from the previous one to give something new to the fans. When the girls did a photo shoot for “ARENA,” they said during interview that the new concept would reveal a lot of their bright sides, reported Soompi . Previously, the girls were known for their sexy images. Having a new concept, their fans are excited to see the girls performing on stage with bright concept. Having a bright concept is not something easy to do; moreover, with Hani having a breakup last year. But she said she has been through a lot. Also, turning into 26 years, Hani said that she had learned many things. Thus, this bright concept is decided for their comeback. For fans who have been waiting for EXID’s comeback, they will have it soon on Apr. 10, as stated by their agency. Read Next: AKMU Did Really Well On The First Day Of ‘Diary’ Concert In Seoul

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