EXID Receive Their First Paycheck After The Success Of ‘Ah Yeah,’ ‘Up & Down’

EXID Receive Their First Paycheck After The Success Of  'Ah Yeah
EXID Receive Their First Paycheck After The Success Of 'Ah Yeah

After months of meteoric success, EXID has finally received their first profits for their efforts with “Ah Yeah” and “Up & Down.” At the latest episode of “Weekly Idol,” the members of EXID revealed what they plan to do with their earnings.

“I’m going to give everything to my Mom,” said EXID’s Solji according to Koreaboo .

“I haven’t been able to bring anything home for the last 10 years.

I want them to give me some pocket money from what I give them and with that I want to buy myself and my mom a pair of nice shoes each.” Similarly, both Hyerin and Hani expressed their desire to repay their parents.

“I want to start saving up for a house in Seoul since my parents live so far away,” said Hyerin.

According to published reports, the terms “BEP” or break-even point is used to describe the amount K-pop idols owe their record label after debuting.

Thus, it is customary for K-pop idols not to receive payment until several years after their debut.

“So then you debut and you start selling singles and albums, and all that money doesn’t go to the artist, but it goes toward that BEP,” said  Martina Stawski of Eat Your Kimchi.

“The money that you earn is going back into that.

It’s kind of like having a debt or a loan with somebody.” In December, girl group AOA discussed their relationship with FNC Entertainment’s CEO on the SBS Power FM radio show “Cultwo Show.” “He bought us beef once,” said AOA member Ji Min.

“But last time he gave us pocket money to spend.

We still don’t have any personal income.

He gives us pocket money so that we can spend some and buy clothes as well.” Check out EXID on “Weekly Idol” below :

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