Ex-Kara Member Kang Jiyoung, Semi-Nude In Japan Photo Shoot

Ex-Kara Member Kang Jiyoung
Ex-Kara Member Kang Jiyoung

Group KARA ‘s former member Kang Jiyoung released her first photography album, catching much attention.

On November 17, one Japanese company said, “Kang Jiyoung held an event on November 16 in Tokyo for the release of her first photography album, meeting 1,300 fans.” Kang Jiyoung had shot the album starting August of this year.

She showed off her feminine charm through this album while not losing the bright charm she was originally known for.

There were semi-nude pictures included in the album as well, arousing much attention.

Kang Jiyoung left KARA when her contract with DSP Media ended in April.

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