EvoL: Memorable Moments With Fans During Malaysian Showcase

EvoL: Memorable Moments With Fans During Malaysian Showcase
EvoL: Memorable Moments With Fans During Malaysian Showcase

Korean girl group EvoL made a big impression on fans in Malaysia during their recent showcase.

After successfully finishing their first showcase tour in Taiping, EvoL made a second stop at Klang Parade last Saturday.

The event, which also celebrated the grand opening of Klang Parade, brought the Korean group together with Baki Zainal as the MC for the day and a great local singer, Stacy, to warm up the stage with some energetic songs and dances.

MC Baki then called up EvoL on the stage, making the crowd even louder and hotter.

EvoL kicked off by performing a ballad song titled 1,2,3,4,5 .

Despite having mild technical errors, the performance was not a disappointment as the girls greeted all fans before MC Baki asked them a few questions.

Yull stated that during the showcase in Taiping, many fans came to meet them.

Meanwhile, Hayana said that after two days in Malaysia, they went to taste a lot of local foods suggested by Malaysian fans.

She added that they really enjoyed Nasi Lemak until the whole plate was empty.

The girls then heated up the stage with a second performance, Get Up.

Before going to the next song, there was a game session with five lucky fans who were picked by the EvoL members themselves.

They played a charades game and the fan picked by J-Da answered the most questions and got to take a photo with the group.  All the participating fans also were given special gifts from each of the members.

EvoL continued to perform We Are A Bit Different followed by I’m Sorry .

Shortly after that, MC Baki asked the girls to reveal their hidden talents.

Leader Say once again showed off her great vocals by singing the traditional  Korean   song, “Arirang.” Hayana melodiously sang her favourite song, “Falling” by Alicia Keys while Jucy showed her amazing rapping skills.

Yull powerfully sang the popular song “Let It Go” from Disney’s animated movie ‘Frozen,’ while youngest member J-Da melted the fans with her cute charms .

MC Baki then asked the girls a personal question about their ideal type of man, which made the EvoL members look a bit nervous.

Yull stated that she likes men with broad shoulders and long legs.

Hayana’s type is guy with single eyelids who will love her forever.

Jucy said she loves funny guys while Say shared that she wants a guy who she can respect.

Lastly, J-Da admitted she adores sweet guys and pointed to the crowd.

  Eventually EvoL’s showcase came to the last song called Wild Ones (originally by Flo Rida feat.


To wrap up the event, there was a group photo session as well as signing session for the fans who had special access passes and EvoL’s limited edition album.

The group’s next stop in Malaysia was at Mahkota Parade, Melaka.

Thank you once again to New Pro Star Sdn Bhd for giving the media coverage opportunity to Kpopstarz team.

Writer: Syima Sidek | Photo Credit: Cahyer

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