EvoL Malaysian Press Conference, ‘We Hope To Make A Lot Of New Fans’

EvoL Malaysian Press Conference
EvoL Malaysian Press Conference

EvoL, which stands for “Effective Voice of Ladies”, is a talented hip-hop & K-Pop girl group under Stardom Entertainment.

Comprising of members Say (the leader), Jucy (main rapper), Hayana (lead vocalist), Yull (main vocalist) and J-Da (rapper, vocalist and maknae), EvoL debuted in August 2012 with their title track called ‘We Are A Bit Different’ from their EP ‘Let Me Explode.’

Coming back from a long hiatus with a new catchy song called ‘Get Up’ off their second mini album ‘Second Evolution’, which was released in March 2013, the members of EvoL were in Malaysia for their first showcase.

Prior to that, however, the girls met some of the local media in a press conference at Neway Karaoke Box, One Utama.

Dressed in sleek black and white outfits, they warmly greeted the media with smiles and ‘Apa Khabar?’ (How Are You?) before the Q&A session started.

Talking about their second time being here in Malaysia, Hayana said that they hoped to make a lot of new fans.

In terms of speaking in Malay, EvoL members are quite fast-learners.

They said “Saya Cinta Padamu” with a perfect pronunciation.

They do not seem to understand what is the meaning of the words at first and the MC explained that it means “I Love You”.

They also threw a heart sign and Hayana end by saying “We Love You, Thank You Very Much”.

The girls, however, had had no chance yet to taste Malay food but they would love to try them all, as the MC suggested various popular Malaysian food such as roti canai, satay and nasi lemak.  When asked to show their individual skills, Yull showed her strong vocal skills by singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, while Hayana said that she was the best at doing poses, so she did 3 sexy poses.

As the main rapper of the group, Jucy showed her cool rap skills by rapping a line from “We Are A Bit Different”.

Other than singing and dancing, Say can also sing pansori (Korean traditional song) very well, so she sang the famous Korean traditional song which is “Arirang”.

Meanwhile, J-Da as the maknae, proved that she is very good at doing aegyo .

She demonstrated some adorable aegyo poses and saying Apa Khabar, Bbuing bbuing and Terima Kasih in the cutest voice ever.

Before the end of the press conference, EvoL said that they are preparing for a new album but there is still no specific date, further stating that they would also like to try different genre and involve in acting.

Good luck, girls!   Writer: Syima Sidek | Contributor: Aisyah Roslan | Photo: Nik Tim | Special Thanks: New Pro Star Sdn Bhd

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