Everything You Need To Know About ‘Idol Drama Operation Team’

Everything You Need To Know About 'Idol Drama Operation Team'

Everything You Need To Know About 'Idol Drama Operation Team'

The much anticipated variety drama show program entitled, “Idol Drama Operation Team” has once again released new teasers that will surely increase the hype of its excited viewers. Previously, it is worth knowing that the producers of the show have also released a set of teasers which shows Moonbyul, Kim Sohee, and Jeon Somi of MAMAMOO, Seulgi of Red Velvet, Soojung of Lovelyz as well as D.ana of SONAMOO. With this, one can clearly see that “Idol Drama Operation Team” will be a star studded variety program as it will showcase bunch of bright stars in the K-pop industry. Now, another teaser of the show has been released the public featuring Oh My Girl’s YooA.
The cast already has a total of seven female K-pop stars that will surely give the show a huge ratings boost. According to Soompi , YooA can be seen wearing a cute pair of pajamas.  In the teaser, she can also be seen holding a giant pencil while a stack full of drama scripts is beside her. This teaser hints something about script writing has to do with YooA.Meanwhile, the number of teasers doesn’t stop there, as a new set of group teaser photos have just been unveiled for all the people to see. With all of these being said, viewers can see how the seven girls will be showcasing their talents, despite the fact that they come from different girl groups. This will surely be one of the reasons why it will be worth watching, as viewers can track how they adapt and work with each other. “Idol Drama Operation Team” is different from regular variety shows as the girls are the ones who will be writing their own dramas, as they would soon act and star in their own written scripts. The pilot episode of “Idol Drama Operation Team” will be airing on TV this coming May 29 at Naver TV Cast and YouTube. It has also been reported that the show will be broadcasted in KBS Joy and KBS World.

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