Everything You Need To Know About 2PM’s ‘6 Nights’ Concert

Everything You Need To Know About 2PM's '6 Nights' Concert

Everything You Need To Know About 2PM's '6 Nights' Concert

Hit K-pop boy group, 2PM, has just unveiled their newest logo, signifying that they are in for something new this time. With it, it has also been reported that the boy group is also eagerly preparing for their upcoming concert this summer. The title of the concert or more specifically concerts is “6 Nights”. The reason behind the title is that the concert will be divided into six parts. The first three concerts will be held from June 2 to June 4, while the next three concerts will be held this coming June 9 to June 11. All of the concerts will be staged at the gymnasium of Korea University located in Anam Dong.
It is worth knowing that the concert was canceled due to the unfortunate accident of one of their members, Jun. K. But despite it, the group still confirmed that they will be pushing through with the concert because they do not want to disappoint their fans. According to All K-pop , it’s also a way for the group to show their gratitude to their fans who have shown their support to them through the years. The accident of Jun.K happened when he fell off the stage which was 3 meters in height. Meanwhile, according to another report by All K-pop , 2PM has also recently unveiled to the public their newest official lightstick. Based on the revelation, the light stick features the new logo of 2PM with a heart that is designed by the characters, “2,” “P,” and “M”. On the other hand, reports have it that Jun.K will also be appearing in the concert even though he is still currently under treatment for his injuries. Tickets will start to be on sale this coming April 24 and April 27. For sure, this will be one of the most successful concerts of 2PM.

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