Everything We Know About ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ & Why Its Poised To Top Sales of ‘Unchartered 4’ & ‘Metal Gear Solid V’

Everything We Know About 'Horizon Zero Dawn' & Why Its Poised To Top Sales of 'Unchartered 4' & 'Metal Gear Solid V'

Everything We Know About 'Horizon Zero Dawn' & Why Its Poised To Top Sales of 'Unchartered 4' & 'Metal Gear Solid V'

“Horizon Zero Dawn” seems to be the new “It” game of the video gaming world. Since its release last February 28, it has steadily been gaining traction as a top seller and is currently on its way to reaching records set by fan favorites ” Unchartered  4″ and “Metal Gear Solid V.” According to early forecasts by game developer Superdata “Horizon Zero Dawn,” a Playstation 4 exclusive, is poised to sell 4-6 million copies within the year. Positive reviews about the game are helping propel the game to the top of the sales charts. Both “Unchartered 4” and “Metal Gear Solid V” posted sales amounting to 8 million units, reported Playstation Lifestyle .
But what exactly is the appeal of Horizon Zero Dawn that has game reviewers, gamers and new fans so hooked to the game? Kpopstarz  tries to get behind the mystery by checking out feedback from gaming experts. Multi-faceted story . Reviewers at Gamespew  were impressed by rich storytelling and solid mythology that serves as the”Horizon Zero Dawn’s” backdrop. The role-playing game revolves around a central character named Aloy, a hunter who must survive the threats of her home in the woods being overrun by robots, a simple plot that holds huge potentials. Stunning Visuals . Trusted Reviews  credited “Horizon Zero Dawn” for being Guerilla Games’ best work. The stunning visuals and details like lighting which brings the gaming experience of the futuristic post- apocalyptic setting to life was a common consensus among gaming sites. Aloy as the new Lara Croft?  Many gamers  believe that Aloy as the main character of “Horizon Zero Dawn”, could well become the next iconic figure in gaming similar to Lara Croft in the “Tomb Raider” series. The fact that the main character is a girl levels up the profile of female characters in games, something that hard-core gamers are welcoming naturally because of the way the game is set up. Feminist and political undertones don’t seem forced. Man vs Robot.  The man vs robot/robots concept is pretty much a David vs Goliath formula that guarantees the gamers’ support for the main heroine. The fact that the game gives her the ability to take down her enemies through the Ropecaster and Tripcaster settings in creative ways make the adventure even cooler. Maps galore.  The game features a massive terrain making it even more exciting for gamers. Sunfall, Meridian, and Mother’s Heart are only some of potentials to be explored. For a single player game, that’s a lot of area to cover.

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